How many bundles  will I need for a sew in?
Using inches 14-22 using 3 bundles is required  24+ requires a minimum of 4, if you Purchase 3 bundles and The length exceed 22 your install  may be thin. 
What’s the difference in hair brands?
Our Luxury is all in the name. It made with one donor, not multiple using only one donor ensures that the hair is cuticle align meaning all hair strands goes in one direction, this allows our hair not to tangle, nest and have little to no shedding.
No harmful chemicals are used and like all of our hair it’s pre-shampooed to ensure great clean quality. 
Our Local is similar but definitely not equal to your local hair vendors in your area .
The price is the only thing that make its similar. It’s made from 2-3 donors. This allows minimal shedding, nesting and tangles, this hair swings with you!  
Can I color this hair?
Yes! Our luxury can be bleach to high levels and out local can be bleached to mid level